Eliminating Tax, Changing Form of Government, Increasing Voter Choice


We are kicking off our drive to place the Lorain County sales tax increase on the 2017 general election ballot, along with the proposal for a new Lorain County Charter, replacing the current County Commissioners, and restoring party status and ballot access to the Libertarian Party of Ohio. The Libertarians access was wrongfully taken, and improperly denied again after the Libertarian Presidential Electors received more than the required 3% of the vote in 2016.

As a local development group of the Libertarian Party of Ohio, we announced at our monthly meeting on April 10th, that first Repeal, Replace, and Restore petition drive on Saturday April 22nd from 11:00am-4:00pm at Main Street Community Center at 255 Park Ave. Amherst, OH. These events will focus on repealing the newly imposed sales tax, replacing the current form of county government, and restoring the Libertarian Party’s ballot access in Ohio.  

Brandon Bobbitt, our Development coordinator, is lead plaintiff in a lawsuit filed in Lorain County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday, April 4. This suit alleges that the sales tax was improperly adopted under Ohio law after it was voted down by over 70% of county voters in 2016. The County Commissioners, then adopted on “reconsideration”  by a different resolution, without notice and required public hearings, under improper procedures and after obvious private consultation contrary to transparency and Sunshine Laws among at least two commissioners leading to the proponent moving a new vote to adopt the tax.

A committee of five is leading sales tax the drive, including several Libertarians as well as members of the local Tea Party affiliate. The full committee is composed of Mr. Bobbitt, Curtis Weems another plaintiff in the lawsuit, Attorney Gerald Phillips who filed the lawsuit Wednesday, Jean Anderson, and Homer S. Taft, local Libertarian Deputy Coordinator and co-counsel on the lawsuit.

Lorain County Libertarians is not only firmly in favor of low taxes, but also the will of the voter and representative government.

We will be relentless in our pursuit of freedom and choice for county residents. We have a tax the people don’t want, a government that lacks the ability to adequately represent the county, and a voting system that lacks choice.  The Repeal, Replace, Restore events we plan to have across the county in the coming months, the first on the twenty-second in Amherst, will allow voters to not only let their collective voice be heard, but also give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and make our case that we are on their side.”