Who Are We?

County Development Group

Our leadership team is ever expanding and evolving as we pursue Libertarian Party of Ohio affiliate status in 2017/2018

Brandon Bobbitt, County Development Coodrinator

Local healthcare professional and Oberlin resident, Brandon has been residing in Lorain County since 2013. Subscribing to Libertarian principles since 2009, he has had recent experience as North Central Ohio's regional coordinator with the Johnson-Weld 2016 Presidential campaign. He is excited to use that experience to help grow the Libertarian Party in Lorain County. 

If you are interested in membership information, becoming a candidate, helping with local issues, or have a media/blog request Brandon will be in touch. 

Homer taft, deputy coordinator

A long time attorney active in political issues in Cuyahoga County, Homer Taft is a recent Lorain County transplant, having moved to Vermilion.  He continues a limited practice of law, real estate and property management activities in Cuyahoga and Lorain counties and in local and regional community organizations and issues, including adoption of a Lorain County Charter.  He was Cuyahoga County coordinator of the Johnson Weld 2016 campaign before moving to Lorain County.

If you are interested in information regarding upcoming events, becoming a candidate, or helping with local issues Homer will be in touch. 

Kaitlyn Zeiger, Deputy coordinator

Medical office professional and self-described polymath, Kaitlyn came to Libertarianism by accident.  Disillusioned by the two major political parties after the 2012 election, Kaitlyn adopted the ideology of the Libertarianism and became active in the grassroots movement in Lorain County.  Her views of less government intervention and personal responsibility aligned perfectly with the Libertarian Party as they move toward a larger voice on the national political stage. Kaitlyn resides in Avon Lake with her family, and would love to connect with other Avon Lake residents.

If you are interested in membership information, reach out to us via Facebook, or have questions about local issues Kaitlyn will be in touch.