Local Issues

Liberty in Lorain County

Ballot Access

In December 2016 Secretary of State Jon Husted's office refused to accept our claim for legal party status, based on 3.17% of Ohio voters casting a vote for Gov. Gary Johnson in the recent election. We believe Ohio Revised Code, Section 3517.01(A)(1)(a) is clear. However, a lawsuit filed by a committee of five Libertarian activist fell short in a 6-1 ruling by the  Supreme Court of Ohio. 

Nevertheless, we are determined to give Ohioans a choice in their elections. The Libertarian Party of Ohio is currently collecting signatures to ensure Libertarians have a place on the ballot in Ohio. If you are a registered voter, contact us to sign the petition. 

Sales Tax Repeal

Sales tax in Lorain County will rise from 6.50% to 6.75% on April 1, 2017. This increase is despite 74% of county voters rejecting the hike in November. The will of the people was effectively ignored by a 2-1 vote by the County Commissioners. As, Libertarians we hold that the money you earn is solely your property and no individual or institution has a right to said property. You and you alone should decide what is done with your property. 

To that end a committee of county residents, and several Libertarians, are involved in a suit filed against the County Commissioners on April 4, 2017. The drive to collect signatures for a ballot referendum is underway as part of the Repeal, Replace, Restore events.


Dates, Times, and locations for Repeal, Replace, Restore events will be posted here and on our Facebook page. 

Government Reform

We hold the belief that government should not only be small and efficient, but also representative of the citizens it serves. In light of this, and recent events, we feel a reform of Lorain County government is in order. This is why we fully support the current effort to create a charter form of county government.